What You'll Find At Grateful Life Farm

Pasture Raised Chicken

We raise Cornish Cross broiler chickens on pasture in movable, open-bottom pens, which we move daily. This provides a high quality of life for the chickens, keeping them away from their manure, and has a regenerative effect on the land by evenly distributing the nutrients from the manure in an amount that is readily absorbed by the soil. Their certified non-GMO feed is supplemented with what they forage for on pasture.


Pasture Raised Turkey

Our Heritage Bronze turkeys range freely on pasture, protected by a movable shelter and a portable electric fence. All of our poultry is processed right here on our farm in our state-inspected facility.

Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit
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Pasture Raised, Soy-Free Eggs

Our small laying flock includes heritage Barred Plymouth Rock and Chantecler hens, fed certified non-GMO and soy-free feed. They are raised free-range on pasture, with a portable shelter and protected by a portable fence. They lay beautiful light brown eggs!

Pastured Eggs (1 Dozen)
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Pasture Raised Pork

Our pigs’ housing varies with the season. In winter, they are raised with stationary housing, deep bedding, and a large fenced area, allowing them to dig, run, and bask in the sunlight. In the growing season, a portable shelter and fence allows rotation through wooded areas and overgrown pasture, where their earth turning abilities are put to productive use. Their feed is certified non-GMO.


Pasture Raised Rabbit

Our rabbits are raised in a mixture of stationary hutches, providing added protection in the winter, and movable pasture pens for the growing season. The movable pens allow the rabbits plenty of space to hop and run, and a more natural diet of fresh grasses and other vegetation. Their diet is supplemented with a non-GMO pellet ration. 



We also grow an assortment of produce, including head lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, green onions, garlic, herbs, and more!  Subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates about what's in season.