1st Week of May 2016


This week babies came!  On Friday, we received our first order of day old Cornish Cross broiler chicks.  If I raise a million chickens, I don't think I'll ever become immune to their cuteness.








Today, our rabbit Brandi had her babies.  I was very anxious since she had lost her first litter, but she did everything right this time.  I checked on her nearly every hour all weekend, and when I came out around 1:30 PM today, she was in the nest box with her new babies.  Within a few more minutes, she had moved them to the back of the box and covered them with her fur.  I believe there are six of them.


Papa Brody, on the left, appears completely disinterested as his offspring enter the world in the hutch next door.  :-)


We harvested our first microgreens on Wednesday.  They made tasty salads with a little spicy in the mix.  We also planted a bed of kale and swiss chard and another of potatoes.  I made some progress on building another beehive, which I hope to finish up this coming week.


Have a wonderful week!