2nd Week of May 2016


The weather was not very hospitable this week.  Lots of rain and then a cold snap for the weekend.  We managed to get the grass cut on Monday, but I wasn't able to till any more because of wet ground.  

The chicks are growing well.  Can you see their wing and tail feathers growing in?  They've gotten big enough to graduate to larger capacity feeders and waterers.  And all six rabbits appear healthy and strong.  Their fur started to come in on Wednesday.  When I checked on them, I was initially alarmed at their change in color from pink to grey until I realized it was a fine layer of fur.  Their eyes should open some time this week.


All the starts in the greenhouse and under the grow lamps are looking strong.  I can't wait to get those tomatoes in the ground - hopefully next weekend if the weather looks favorable.  On the right is salanova lettuce in red leaf and green bibb varieties.  One improvement we've made this year is to start transplants in soil blocks, rather than using plastic inserts.  The soil blocks hold more soil and we don't have to purchase or store additional plastic ware.  We've also heard that they establish faster when transplanted.

If you're in our area, we plan to be at the Franklin Farmer's Market this year on Saturday mornings.  We will begin either Memorial Day Weekend or the first Saturday in June, depending on how much product we have available.  

Have a wonderful week.