First Week of April 2017

What a wild week on the weather front!  We had a forecast of 1-3" of snow for Friday, which caused us to jump into action on protecting our two beds of spinach that had just germinated in the last few days.  Thursday night we built two low tunnels from 1/2" electrical conduit, bent into hoops and driven into the soil, then topped with greenhouse plastic.  These tunnels are very versatile and could be covered with shade cloth to grow cooler weather crops during the summer, or with insect netting to protect crops from pests.  After a freezing cold Friday, we had a beautiful, sunny weekend and the tunnels had to be opened on both ends for ventilation!


Another new technique we are trying this year is landscape fabric.  I have heard and read a lot of good things about this fabric providing excellent weed control and lasting for many seasons and today we set out our first section and transplanted four different varieties of lettuce.  We made a wooden template, then used a torch to burn holes in the fabric at the correct spacing for the lettuce.  Of course, the fabric only works for transplanted crops, so we are focusing on better bed preparation using a broad fork for our direct seeded crops like spinach, radishes, and carrots.  


Another recently completed project is our second rabbit tractor.  This one went together faster and better after we learned about cage clips.  These clips come with special pliers to bend them around wire, joining two sections.  The silver bunnies you can see in the back tractor are part of a litter of five Silver Fox rabbits that we purchased recently, along with their mother, Coco.


I'll leave you with a few photos of my favorite sign of Spring - bulbs!!  Can you see the bee feeding on the hyacinth in the right hand picture?