Introducing our Bulk Chicken Buying Program for 2017


Many people know they can save money purchasing a whole or half cow or pig directly from the farmer, but what about chicken?  This year we will offer customers significant discounts by purchasing chicken in bulk and paying upfront.  The program is very flexible, allowing you multiple options of amount of chicken, cutting and packaging, and delivery or pickup.  As always, our chickens are raised on pasture, in movable open-bottomed pens, fed a non-GMO grain ration, and processed on farm.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Decide how much chicken your family will need for the season.  We offer small (70 lbs,) medium (110 lbs,) and large (150 lbs) packages.

2. Decide how many dates you would like to receive chicken.  Butchering will take place on the following Sundays:  June 11th, July 9th, July 29th, August 20th, September 10th, and October 1st.  You may split your order over all six dates, if you would like all fresh chickens or don’t have much freezer space.  Or, you could condense your order into a minimum of three dates, if you have a smaller order or would prefer to make fewer trips.

3.  Determine how you would like your chickens.  We can offer either whole ready-to-cook chickens, or cut to your specifications for an additional charge of $2 / chicken.  Hearts, livers, gizzards, and feet are also available upon request.

4.  Decide on fresh or frozen.  Fresh chickens can be cooked right away, or you could cut them up and package them to suit your needs.  Frozen chickens will allow you more flexibility to pick up on your schedule.

5.  Select your pickup or delivery option.  Fresh chickens can be picked up at the farm or delivered to your home no later than the Tuesday after butchering day.  Farm pickup times are 5 PM – 8 PM.  Delivery time is by appointment.  Delivery area is limited to a 25 miles radius from our farm in Rockland Twp, Venango County, PA (see map below.)  Frozen chickens can be picked up at the farm, picked up at a Farmers’ Market we attend, or delivered to your home beginning Wednesday after butcher day.  For those customers picking up at the farm, you will also be eligible for a 10% discount on any of our other products on pickup day, including eggs, rabbit, and vegetables.

6.  Send your deposit.  Cash, checks, or PayPal payments are accepted to hold your spot.  The remaining balance is due upon receipt of your first order of the season.  When I receive your deposit, I'll call you to confirm your reservation and take your cutting and pickup or delivery choices.

7.  Call the farm with your questions at  (814) 498-2127.  I know this can be a bit confusing with all the available options, so please give me a call if anything doesn't make sense to you.